While creating Zero to Hero, there is an optional step - adding the relevant keywords.

Before you go into any further detail about Amazon Keyword Research, you need to understand what makes a keyword-relevant. You can describe relevant keywords as the valuable keywords that convert well to make you money. In other words, these are the keywords that bring traffic to your listing, have a high level of commerciality, and low competition.

The foundation for any Amazon Keyword Research is the ‘seed’ keyword. You determine your competitors and defines the search volume via seed keywords. Finding a seed keyword is straightforward. If you already have a product to sell on Amazon, express it in your own words or think about how buyers are likely going to search for it.

Check out this article on how to find seed keywords to make great Zero to Hero campaigns:

Here is a tip, start with a broad keyword, say "car charger", and ‘niche down’ until you find something that interests you. Nevertheless, keep one thing in mind; focus on specific and longer keywords that have the word ‘car charger’ in them.

So, you’re selling a «car charger.»

The main keywords for this product are:

Car charger

Car adapter


USB car charger

The process of searching the relevant keywords is about a logical description of the product.

But! There is another hint — even several tips.

  • Amazon search bar

  • Competitors’ listenings (titles mainly)

  • Keyword search tools (Helium 10, Google keyword planner, Merchant Words, etc.)

Amazon Search Bar

Well, you’re selling a car charger. Just enter «car charger» in the Amazon main search bar. Amazon will provide you with the most relevant requests in a row. There you can find all the keywords that match your product and use them while creating ZTH and for listing SEO optimization.

Competitors’ listenings (titles&bullet points mainly)

Imagine! You're a buyer. You're going to Amazon to buy a car charger. You want to choose the one you like. Anyway, you're able to make a choice after you see more than 1 proposition. You enter your request and get many-many different deals.

Still, you're an excellent seller and those deals are your competitors. Examine the listings of your competitors and find out how they represent similar products. What keywords they are using on their listings and for PPC campaigns. You can use reverse ASIN's tools for this purpose as well.

Keyword search tools

There is a huge amount of tools that you can use while searching for the seed keywords.

The most popular are:

  • Amazon search-term report

  • Google keyword planner

  • Merchant Words

  • Keywordtool.io

  • Keyword Tool Dominator

NOTE! This is an optional step while creating Zero to Hero campaigns. All we need is the "seed keywords" but you can help our algorithms with a bunch of relevant keywords as well.

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