Sponsored Display Foundation Campaigns

Nowadays, Sponsored Display is the most profitable ad campaign on Amazon. Amazon is pushing hard this type of ad spot to attract the big players to join the platform.

So, what is Sponsored Display Campaigns? That's the banners you see on the listings. Here are a few examples:

There are two ways of doing Sponsored Display:

- Audience

- Product Targeting

The first one is very simple and straightforward. You are retargeting the customers that visited your listing but didn't buy. Make sure you set low bids 0.15-0.20 for this type of SD. Do not expect the fast return on ad spend for this type of campaign, and sometimes it takes 5-7 touchpoints before the potential buyer will make a purchase.

The second one is the most profitable. ASIN's targeting looks similar to ASIN's targeting inside Sponsored Products Campaigns but performs much better and gives you more space on competitors listings.

Here are the campaigns:







Brand Defend

First of all, you need to download your Search Term Report for the last 60 days and filter out so you can see only ASINs. To do it, use the filter in Column «Customer Search Term» and type «b0».

TPA - Top Performing ASIN's

Add 10-20 top-performing ASIN with the highest amount of sales and healthy ACoS.

Recommended bid: 0.90-1.15

PA - Performing ASIN's

Here we add the ASIN's that gave us 3+ sales with reasonable ACoS and Conversion Rate.

Recommended bid: 0.75-0.90

RA - Risk ASIN's

Here we add the ASIN's that gave up to 1 sale, and we are not sure if they will convert well. This campaign will have the love bids model.

Recommended bid: 0.50 with ACoS not higher than break-even ACoS


In this campaign, we are adding the ASINs that Amazon is suggesting to add. However, before adding any ASIN to this campaign make sure that your listing has a competitive advantage (lower price/higher review amount/higher review rating/faster shipping)

Recommended bid: 0.35-0.50


This is the so-called «Black Box» campaign that will harvest new ASINs for us. Make sure you add the most relevant categories for your product.

IMPORTANT! Add all ASIN's that you used for previous campaigns as negatives into this «Category» campaign.

Recommended bid: 0.50-0.65

Brand Defend

If you have few products inside one category, you need to bid for your own ASIN to protect your listings from competitors. This way, you'll convert the traffic into customers more efficiently.
Recommended bid: 1.00-1.25


This is a retargeting campaign that we were mention above. Just make sure you use low bids.
Recommended bid: 0.15-0.20

NOTE! Do not add the same to different campaigns. Every campaign should have unique targets to prevent competition.

No more words. Here is the result's we get from this structure:

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