ACOS Targeting

This strategy is pretty straightforward and designed for sellers who know what ACOS they are targeting. Please make sure you've correctly calculated your target ACOS.

We will adjust the campaigns, bids, and budgets the way we can get to the desired ACOS and stay with it for a long time.

Overall Profit Growth

This strategy is designed to affect organic sales with Amazon Advertising. We maximize ads and thus total sales with the help of every Ad Tool available on Amazon (SP/SD/SB) to get as much organic ranking as possible. It usually takes 30-40 days to see the result.

We try to keep ACoS in as low as possible zone, ensuring that it doesn’t prevent us from hitting the target. At the same time, within the framework of this strategy, we try not to go beyond the break-even ACoS. But if it’s desirable to do so to achieve the result, we’ll get in touch with you to discuss that. Also, we aggressively use Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns to increase Brand Awareness.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, a healthy amount of inventory for months ahead, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index (pricing policy, coupons, rating points, and review quantity, photos affect Conversion Rate -> increase or decrease of product Cost Per Acquisition).

PPC Profit Growth

Once we see that 70% of keywords are ranking at the Top of Search, or we are a Best Seller and far beyond the nearest competitor, you are welcome to choose the ‘PPC Profit Growth’ strategy. We move the traffic from Top of Search placement to Rest of Search and Product Pages to prevent cannibalization of organic sales.

This strategy is about keeping ACOS as low as possible but making sure we get sufficient amounts of sales to sustain the result.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index.

Product Launch

This strategy starts from the deep keywords research (from our 3d party services) to prevent money and time losses by harvesting these keywords from Auto campaigns. We begin with Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display campaigns. We start with low-frequency keywords and the Rest of Search / Product Pages placements. Sponsored Display campaigns with coupon code have a large impact on sales at this stage (5-15%), so we highly recommend you to support this strategy with a coupon code. This approach is smoothly becoming more aggressive as we see that the sales start to accelerate. We suggest at least 150 reviews to start running advertising. Listing Quality Index plays a massive role in the success of the “Product Launch” strategy.

Here the cost level fully depends on desired PPC sales velocity. So ‘Product Launch’ can be both profitable and unprofitable.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, ad budgets, acceptable CPA, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index.

New Keywords Ranking

This strategy is aimed to gain more market share.

We have three campaigns that are designed specifically for harvesting new keywords. Auto CTA, Auto Negative, and Broad Negative campaigns are something like a “black box”. We're aggressively pushing these campaigns to gain ranking juice using Top of Search placement.

This process is entirely on us. However, if you have keywords that you want to rank, feel free to share the list with us.

The difference of this strategy to “Overall Profit Growth” one is that only ‘harvesting’ campaigns are aggressively pushed.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, a healthy amount of inventory, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index.

Low Inventory HPLS

When the product is in the risk zone of stock out, we are moving to a very profitable strategy. We significantly decrease bids for all keywords and Product Targeting. We turn off high-frequency keywords and let only the most profitable keywords run.

Get Best Seller Tag

To get the Best Seller Tag for your product, we move all the traffic to Top of Search placement for all campaign types (SP/SD/SB). If it doesn't help, we start to get more traffic from the product page/rest of search placements. Also, to help you get BST, we utilize the “Brand Attack” campaign to steal the sales from all competitor products, and “Brand Defense” to protect your own brand.

If we see that one of your products has a chance to become a Best Seller, we will let you know what’s needed to be done to accomplish that.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, a healthy amount of inventory, ad budgets, acceptable CPA, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index, coupons, Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals.

Defend Best Seller Tag

This is an aggressive strategy that utilizes special PAT campaigns in all available types (SP/SD/SB) to protect your Best Seller positions. We achieve this by showing all possible ads on your competitor's listings (thus, occupying it). We start this when we notice that the gap in BSR between you and your competitor drops to 150-200 points only.

Also, we will turn on a unique campaign for top-performing keywords.

What we need from you at this stage:

COGS, a healthy amount of inventory, ad budgets, acceptable CPA, constant improvement of Listing Quality Index, coupons, Lightning Deals, 7-Day Deals.

Two last strategies, so-called “Best Seller Wars”, might be very costly. So here strategic objectives as for the product come into play. The options to turn the game by getting rid of competitors and change the market by raising the price when the product stands so well are definitely worth thinking about, aren’t they?

Afterword to sum it up

Somehow or other all the strategies are based on ACOS. Choosing the strategy please mind your product and market conjuncture overall at the current period of time. Depending on the product ‘X’ with breakeven ACOS of 30% (i.e. net margin is 30%) can get Best Seller Tag at ACOS 9%. ‘Get BST’ strategy is one of the most if not the most costly strategy. So getting BST appears to be extremely profitable at the same time.


Could you imagine the same product ‘X’ with breakeven ACOS of 30% works on ‘Profitable PPC’ strategy (the one that should generate much more profit than others) at ACOS 25%? Suppose not. But it’s the way it works.

So the moments and factors described above matter a lot.

As well please mind that the strategies those somehow or other mean aggressive approach and pushing keywords result in an organic and overall boost of sales.

PPC sales affect your organic positions -> Organic and overall sales volume goes up -> Increased sales volume affects PPC and expands it. More PPC sales -> Higher and what’s more important wider organic ranking is -> Total sales volume goes up -> and all over again. It's a snowball effect.

Since launching our ad campaigns we have experienced cases of 3.5x times boost of ordered items and 6x times boost of total sales.

So, please, take care of your inventory. Because as well we have experienced cases of sellers’ real disappointments when there were no other ways to deal with such an outstanding demand for their products and prevent Stock Outs from going back in terms of gained results.

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