Hey. In this short article, I'll reveal the structure of Sponsored Brand campaigns

There are a few types of Sponsored Brand campaigns these days:

Sponsored Brands Product Collection

Sponsored Brands Video

Sponsored Brands Store Spotlight

These ad types are crucial for brand defense, and brand awareness increase. They are more expensive than SP or SD. However, if you need to protect or get a Best Seller badge it is the right choice. They are getting the big portion of Top of Search placement on the Amazon App.

Also is very important to use clustered campaigns so the search intent matches the advertising. It increases CTR significantly.

Sponsored brands Product Collection Structure

Top Performance Keywords Campaign

This campaign includes the most relevant keywords. They spend 70% of the Ad budget, are the most competitive, and have massive traffic.

Clasterized Campaigns

These are the most common campaigns where you divide your keywords into segments/clusters to control budgets and placements, each of them separately.

For example, you have two segments for the «Car Charger» product:

Segment A - iPhone

Segment B - Android

Then you create campaigns by these segments. One campaign is Exact Simple "iPhone", which consists of all keywords with the word iPhone, another Exact Simple "Android", having all keywords with the «Android» word.

You can also split segments into even narrower options inside such campaigns:

Ad Group: iPhone X

Ad Group: iPhone 8

Ad Group: iPhone 10


We are doing it to get higher CTR of your Sponsored Brand Campaigns. When we create a Sponsored brand campaign title, we include this main cluster inside the ad header. So, when the customer search iPhone 8, he sees the SB ad with the title that includes "iPhone 8"

Then we add PAT Part to this structure.


10-20 top-performing ASIN with the highest amount of sales and healthy ACOS.


ASIN's that gave us 3+ sales with reasonable ACOS and Conversion Rate.


ASIN's that gave up to 1 sale, and we are not sure if they will convert well. This campaign will have the low bids model.


This is the so-called «Black Box» campaign that will harvest new ASINs for us. Make sure you add the most relevant categories for your product.

IMPORTANT! Add all ASIN's that you used for previous campaigns as negatives into this «Category» campaign.

The same structure is for Sponsored Brands Store Spotlight.

We use the structure above for the Sponsored Brand Video except for the PAT part because Amazon doesn't provide us with the placement on the product page.

To summarize. Sponsored Brands campaigns are beneficial if you need a lot of traffic. Placements like SBS and SBV are driving sales like crazy. But they have a little lower ROAS compared to SP campaigns.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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