Hey. I love this topic so much. During the years of work with our custom-made structure of SP/SD/SB campaigns, we have identified some indicators that you need to watch out. Learn more about our structure.

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The Auto Negative campaign brings most of the orders. That indicates that our semantic is not good enough. This campaign is responsible for looking for long-tail keywords from search term reports. We have unique campaigns (Exact Simple/Other) that consist of long-tail keywords. So when we see that Auto Negative is driving more than 40% of sales, this campaign lacks keywords. You can ask what's wrong in driving sales from these keywords in Auto campaigns. The answer is pretty simple. You can't control these keywords if they are not in an exact match.

TPK Campaign. As you know, that is a campaign that consists of high-frequency keywords. Suppose you see that this campaign is not performing well enough. The reason is terrible seed keywords or improper placement adjustment.

This campaign should work very well. Usually, it brings 50-70% of the total sales. If you see that Top of Search placement having HIGH CTR (3%+), make sure you utilize placement adjustment for TOS.

Also, that could indicate that your listing is not ready to drive traffic from top-performing keywords. In this way, you need to improve your listings and review the amount/rating and overall conversion rate.

LOW CTR. That is a metric on the campaign level that signals your product attractiveness or the quality of the placements we are showing on.

HIGH CTR (2%+). That is a good indicator that our product is performing well on Top of Search. You can maximize it with placement adjustment. Do not put placement on any campaign except TPK/Exact Other/Exact Simple/ST.

Poor Performing PAT or Keywords. It merely indicates bad ASIN's inside the campaigns or that your product is not competitive.

Substitutes inside Auto Campaign have much traffic. That indicates that we have problems with «complements.» It needs proper bid management, so substitutes don't have bid higher than complements.

If you noticed any exciting indicator that we would want to include, let us know 😎

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