Hey Amazon Sellers! Amazon officially announced the Prime Day sale event will take place on October 13 and 14.

There is no "never too late" of preparing for Prime Day and Q4.

The first thing you need to do is to check the Google Trends for your niche. You need to understand what spike in traffic you need to expect. Some niches see a 30% spike in sales, some 900%.

I think that this season will crush it. COVID-19 made a significant impact on a buyer's behavior. Yet, there is one problem, Amazon accepts inventory too long, and you need to make sure you have ordered the proper amount of product to maximize the sales during the season.

Everything that I'll reveal below only makes sense if you have enough inventory.

We at Sponsoreds highly recommend starting aggressive Amazon advertising right now. You need to adjust your Top of Search placement to increase the traffic. Your competitors will be fierce in the Q4. Let's outplay them.

More traffic to your listings equals the increase of RPC (Revenue Per Click). That means you bring more money to Amazon per click on your ad (referral fee, shipping, higher cost per click because of TOS adjustment; this is Amazon income points).

The attribution window on Amazon is around 14 days, and organic positions are climbing very slowly. That's why you need to start aggressive Amazon PPC 1 month in advance.

You need to adjust your Top of Search placement for seed/top keywords.

You won't see the increase in sales. The point here is that you'll get almost the same amount of traffic with higher CPC's. However, that leads to an increase in organic positions because you make more money to Amazon, and that's how they react. They maximize the RPP (revenue per product) by pushing your organic positions.

Also, make sure you create Gift campaigns. Comment "+" in the comments if you want to get an upload-ready bulk file.

From the mid of November till 21st December, there will be a fight in any niche. You'll see the decrease in ACOS, but it doesn't mean that you use all the possibilities of the Prime Time. You need to watch out CTR pretty closely. That's the primary indicator of where your ads are showing.

1st to 21st December is a difficult time. You can cannibalize your organic sales. Because we have worked out on our organic positions, we can slow down the advertising, especially TOS adjustments, and increase profits.

Let me know your questions in the comments.

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