Some sellers might ask, what is the right time to learn about Amazon advertising types? The answer is simple: right now is perfect. But where to start? There is so much information to cover! No panic, this article was made to break all the walls between sellers and Amazon.

This is a simple guide that describes three different PPC ad types on Amazon:

  1. Sponsored Product Ads

  2. Sponsored Brand Ads

  3. Product Display Ads

PPC advertising model means that business is charged every

time shoppers click on its ad, but Amazon is not charging the business for displaying the ad.

By learning information about the differences and advantages of ad

types mentioned above, it gets much easier to understand which ad campaign needs to be built for a certain business.

Sponsored Product Ads

  • What is Sponsored Product Ad?

Sponsored Product Advertising is an ad that actively promotes

products to Amazon visitors who are searching with related keywords or viewing similar products.

  • Where does Sponsored Products Ad appear?

There are two Sponsored Products locations on Amazon, one is within

search result:

And another one is on a bottom of a product detail pages

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  • How to create a Sponsored Product Ads Campaign?

This article aims to make the learning process as simple and least

boring as possible. Here is a consistent plan on how to build Sponsored Product Ads Campaign without any excess information:

  1. Click on “Create campaign” in the Campaign manager

  2. Choose the type of advertisement (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display)

  3. Pick the campaign´s name, campaign´s budget, and a type of targeting (manual or automatic)

  4. Decide about the bidding strategy (Dynamic bids up and down/ Fixed bids) / When necessary add bid adjustments (on placement)

  5. Figure out the name of the advertisement group

  6. Pick the product for the advertisement

  7. Add negatives (products and keywords)

  8. Launch the campaign

  • What else is there to know about Sponsored Products Ads?

While making a Sponsored Products campaign, there is a question, that

comes up in a seller's head: auto or manual targeting?

Automatic targeting means that Amazon will target keywords and products that are similar to the product in the ad. This type of targeting is perfect for advertising beginners. Sellers, who didn’t have an ad campaign before, might consider this option as a perfect one to start because Amazon will show in which direction to move by finding high-volume keywords.

Manual targeting means that a seller is choosing keywords or a product to target shopper searches and set custom bids. After having some experience of automatic targeting on Amazon, sellers can switch to manual targeting with more knowledge and confidence.

Product targeting shows one seller´s product right under the competitor´s (or

under another similar product of the same seller) listing.

If you’re targeting a keyword, then all of the ads populated on the search results will correlate to the keyword.

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Sponsored Brand Ads

  • What is Sponsored Brands Ad?

Sponsored Brands Ad is an ad that highlights the brand logo, the custom headline, and up to three products of a brand.

  • Where does Sponsored Brands Ad appear?

Sponsored Brands ad appears in a couple of places:

  1. in multiple locations on a desktop and mobile pages

  1. above search results

There is also an option to feature a single product ad with a video, as well as the product image and title. When Amazon visitors click on a video, they go to the product detail page.

By clicking on a brand logo on the advertisement, shoppers come to a store or on a landing page of the advertiser. When shoppers click on a product – they get to the product detail page again.

This type of ad campaign is also possible with auto and manual targeting.

  • How to create a Sponsored Brands Campaign?

  1. Click on “Create campaign” in the Campaign manager

  2. Choose the type of advertisement (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display)

  3. Pick the campaign´s name, budget, and a brand

  4. Decide which ad format the advertisement will have

  5. Add creative editing (important to follow the rules for it) and targeting (this choice depends on the ad type)

  6. Wait for 72 hours for the advertisement to be approved

  • What else is there to know about Sponsored Brands?

One important “superpower” of Sponsored Brands Ad is the ability

to develop brand awareness. It is a perfect campaign to attract new customers and to spread the word about a business.

And another one – Sponsored Brands Video Beta. This option is special because of creative opportunities. Business owners can show all the sides of the product that is impossible to see just on a single picture. Sponsored Brands Video is made only for the single product ads, as it was described above.

Sponsored Display Ad

  • What is a Sponsored Display Ad?

Sponsored Display Ad is ad with product and category targeting that

allows sellers to show the display to customers who already saw similar products or the one that was advertised.

  • Where can Sponsored Display Ads appear?

Sponsored Display Ads can appear on Amazon desktop and mobile, on

detail pages and on other Amazon pages.

Those are just two of many possible Sponsored Display locations:

  • Amazon Product Page right and middle

  • Amazon Top stripe

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Other placement examples:

Shoppers are going directly to the detail product page after clicking on the advertisement.

  • How to create a Sponsored Display Campaign?

  1. Click on “Create campaign” in the Campaign manager

  2. Choose the type of advertisement (Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Sponsored Display)

  3. Pick the campaign´s name and budget

  4. Add the ad group and a type of targeting (remarketing and product targeting)

  5. Decide what products will be advertised

  6. Choose bids

  7. Pick products and categories (this decision depends on the type of advertisement that was chosen)

  8. Add creative editing

  9. Wait for 72 hours until Amazon will approve the campaign

  • What else to know about Sponsored Display Ads?

In the case of Sponsored Displays, two targeting options are possible:

interest-based and product-based. During the process of building the campaign, there is a possibility to choose between those two.

At the moment when the product is out of stock, the Sponsored Display Ads will be paused. Up to four hours after the product is back in stock again, the advertisement will be back.

Important to remember is, that only registered brand owners can run this campaign.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for those who wanted to learn a bit about PPC advertisement types. Right targeting is an essential part of a successful advertisement campaign. But there is no need to sacrifice too much time and nerves on doing everything alone, Zero to Hero keyword research tool can help!

Good luck!

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