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Zero to Hero Setup Process
Zero to Hero Setup Process
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Zero to Hero Setup Process

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This is the most important step in the process of creating ZTH.

Seed keywords are the keywords that have the most search volume and people usually use to find your products on Amazon. For example for Scratch Map of the World seed keywords are:
scratch map, scratch off map, world map, travel map

*Make sure to include your Brand Name to continue to the next step.


Choose the daily budget for your product.

Learn more about different Advertising strategies and budgets in the following article: rategies

Starting bid: make sure to start with low bid, the range depends on the niche you are operating in. If you already ran ads before you know the average CPC in your niche, start with 50% lower than your average CPC.


Do not use “ Pause existing keywords / PTs that are duplicates of ZTH targetings” if you ran your campaigns more than a month. Make sure to pause them manually after a week or two once new campaigns start getting momentum.


Make sure to upload all the relevant keywords you’ve gathered for your product. Our AI tool has access to dozens of tools to gather it for you. However it is always a good idea to feed the algorithm with a list of relevant keywords for your product.


If you have the list of keywords that you want to exclude from showing, make sure to include them.

Learn about negative keywords here:


Review and press “GENERATE CAMPAIGNS”


Pay & Upload

We use this setup inside our agency for dozens of 8&9 figure brands. Set it up and enjoy the results!

Make sure you hit us with online chat if you have any questions.

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